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Jade has been valued as the royal gemstone in China. It was believed that jade was the essence of heaven and earth as well as a symbol of power, so only aristocrats have the authority to own items made from jade in ancient time.

Jade beads have been so popular in western life since people brought them to Europe from China. Literally speaking, they come in two different varieties of jade, specifically jadeite and nephrite. But most of the jade on the market are reconstituted so the color has been enhanced and wechat_redirect the beads were made not by carving but by pressurizing ground up material back into beads.

The color enhancement gives jade beads many different colors. Today, we will introduce some unique jewelry made of jade beads in different green colors.

This necklace, bracelet and earring set is made of jade beads and alternated with tiny pewter settings. The necklace and bracelet are set on metal cable chain and secured by a metal toggle clasp with 18K white gold overlay.

The necklace has a length approximately 19.5-20" and the matching bracelet has a length approximately 7.5-8". Designed by our in-house designer, it is guaranteed that you will not find this same piece anywhere else.

8mm pale green jade beads earrings sets in 925 sterling silver and chinese jade cup price with single CZ diamond in the middle of the earring jackets. The lightning designer silver setting has a dazzling and elegant looks.

Jade is considered to be a "good luck" to a gift receiver, therefore it is favored over other jewelry gifts in Asia for a woman.

Should you have any kind of inquiries concerning exactly where as well as the way to use wechat_redirect, it is possible to contact us with the site. The classical jade earrings will make a perfect accessory that will be treasured by any woman.